It’s time to move: Beginners Yoga Classes

International DAY OF YOGA – Friday 21 June

Discover the incredible physical and psychological benefits of yoga. Yogahub’s Beginners Courses are focused on teaching participants the foundations of yoga, such as correct alignment, functional movement, and yogic breathing which apply to most styles of yoga. The aim of the course is to guide you towards cultivating a sustainable self practice, or prepare you to attend any class on our timetable.

There are many advantages to attending a beginners course over simply turning up to a class. Numbers are limited, allowing the teacher to give a high level of personal attention.  A course format allows each class to build upon the skills learnt in the previous class. We start off gently and build up the intensity slowly over the course so it’s both manageable and enjoyable. Most importantly, because everybody is a beginner, there is lots of opportunity for asking questions, and the group dynamic very accepting and comfortable.

“This course is amazing! The teachers are so experienced and knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring. You can tell that a lot of work has been put into creating this course and it’s delivered and executed in such a well-thought-out and accessible way. I learned SO much from these guys, they ignited my fire and passion for yoga and this course really gave me a head start / leg up to developing a strong yoga practice. 5 Stars” Eve

Yoga Hub
75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn
Phone 0435 096 074

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