Minister urged to stick with the plan

BAYSWATER mayor Dan Bull is urging planning minister Rita Saffioti to not disregard what the community wants for its town centre.

Last week the state government announced it would take over planning control of the area around the Bayswater train station to maximise development opportunities when it’s upgraded for Metronet.

Some locals are concerned their historic town centre could be dwarfed by high rise towers.

The council recently consulted with the community and created a draft structure plan that limited the King William Street strip to five storeys, but the plan is still to be approved by the state government.

Cr Bull’s letter to the minister notes the plan was submitted to the WA Planning Commission “over a year ago. I understand that to date no determination has been made in relation to it”.

He said in coming to that limit the council had “undertaken careful, methodical and very deep engagement with the local community” which he suggested would be “invaluable”.

Planning controls in the area around the station will be set by the state government’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, and community group Bayswater Deserves Better is concerned the town centre could have the same height cap as the Midland Redevelopment Area, which permits 12 storeys.

The state government says  it will work with council and locals to set a limit.


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