Keep on truckin’ on

HERE’S a combo that would have given Frida Kahlo and Mahatma Gandhi heartburn – butter chicken nachos.

It may sound strange, but it’s one of the best fusion dishes I’ve had in ages, although my cardiologist just booked me in for a triple bypass.

It’s got all the usual suspects like sour cream, beans, a punchy salsa made from fresh tomatoes and cucumber, and an unapologetic heap of nacho-flavoured Doritos.

Replacing the traditional spicy beef mince is a creamy butter chicken with rich tomato sauce.

It’s creative and tasty and an absolute bargain at $14.

The butter chicken nachos is sold by The Paratha Box food truck, one of many in rotation at the new Perth Mess Hall.


Located in the Old Swan Barracks on Francis Street, it’s a perfect spot for families with room for children to run around and keep themselves entertained.

My kids, Ollie and Chloe, enjoyed a lean beef burger ($11) from Sultan Pepper – a lively truck pumping out healthy burgers and tacos filled with ingredients like crumbed eggplant and grilled halloumi.

The huge roll was filled with lettuce, tomato and a thick beef patty which was surprisingly juicy considering it didn’t contain much fat.

Ollie complimented the beetroot yoghurt as he licked it from his hands and wrists.

On the other side of the table, Kylie was tucking into a giant beef bulgogi bao ($8) from Franny’s Moving Kitchen.

“It’s so soft, it’s like eating a sweet cloud,” she said.

The fluffy bao bun was packed with marinated minced beef, spicy kimchi, spring onions and black and white sesame seeds.

The aromatic smoke billowing from Cariocas Brazilian BBQ attracted me like a hungry moth to a flame grill.

Carioca’s mixed meat plate of Black Angus and calabresa sausage ($15) is great value.

The tender Black Angus slices were blush pink and moist. The calabresa sausage was beautifully fatty and soaked up the farofa dip, giving the dish texture and crunch.

We all agreed that the mixed meat plate was our dish of the day.

You can wash down all the yummy international food with an alcoholic drink inside the barracks, where you can also shoot some pool and have a hit of table tennis.

There really is something for everyone here.

by Matthew Eeles

Perth Mess Hall
8 Francis Street, Perth

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