Residents group happy

The EAST Perth Community Group believes consultation over facial recognition cameras in the city was adequate, says chair Anne-Maree Ferguson.

Ms Ferguson said she had “no expectation on being consulted on the project before the trial commenced”.

She wants a council that’s pro-active: “If you consult on everything before a trial then you don’t ever do anything…we want stuff happening in the city.”

Ms Ferguson says she found out about the trial via media reports about a year ago.

In recent weeks the group, formerly the East Perth Community Safety Group, surveyed its members via email and Ms Ferguson says “70 per cent support the trial and believe it will assist with improved security in the area”.

Ms Ferguson said the group had tried to run a Facebook poll, but it got hijacked by civil liberties advocates from out of town.

She says she’s satisfied the city will continue to consult with them throughout the trial, and that ongoing consultation is a better way to get feedback than a one-off forum.

“We’re not alarmed by this trial, and we’re comfortable that we’ll have our say on the technology in our midst moving forwards.”

The technology is intended to bolster security for Optus Stadium events.

Ms Ferguson, a former managing director of Perth Convention Bureau, has a long history in events management and says a best-practice security system is needed to attract international performers and events to Optus Stadium.


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