CARNIVAL OF flavours

GADO BRAZIL is a meat lover’s dream.

The night after my visit to the Brazilian steakhouse I had a strange but enjoyable dream about my head turning into a giant meatball.

There was no feeling of panic, only excitement as I picked protein off my face and ate it with perverse pleasure.

Gado is an all-you-can-eat steakhouse where busy passadores dart between tables, slicing barbecued meats off giant skewers onto your plate.


Diners are given tongs to help get the meat onto the plate, but I bypassed my plate and went all Captain Caveman – tearing meat off the skewers and ramming it into my gob.

There was a carnival of flavours as I devoured slice after slice of charred meat, with the lamb leg the standout.

Like most of the meats served at Gado, the lamb is cooked medium rare and has that irresistible pink hue.

The marinated lamb was gorgeous and overflowing with garlic and herb juices. I doubt even Sam Kekovich has tasted lamb this good.

The premium rump cap was another outstanding piece of meat.

The tender flesh had a thick layer of ravishing fat that melted in my mouth before I had time to chew it.

Brushed with delicious honey mustard sauce, the pork was smoky and sweet.

The overcooked chicken wings were a letdown, but the poultry on the menu was redeemed with the chicken hearts.

I’ve never tried heart before and I can report it had a firm texture which quickly softened and then melted in the mouth. Divine.

No Brazilian feast is complete without a serving of the country’s most famous side dish – feijao preto with arroz and farofa (black beans, rice and ground cassava).


The black beans were firm and salty, and the crunchy farofa added a moreish texture.

Other side dishes included chickpea salad, acetic salsa, and even a creamy mushroom pasta which my kids loved.

Gado in Mt Lawley is a well-oiled machine: the staff are incredibly friendly and know every nook and cranny on the menu.

They make sure nobody misses out on any of chef Mauricio Ferrari Paroni’s expertly cooked meats, which will have everyone who visits Gado singing his praises.

Viva longa Beaufort Street!


Gado Brazil
620 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
6508 2961

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