Cigar bar stubbed

STIRLING council has stubbed out plans for a cigar lounge in Inglewood, with fears stogie smoke would drift over to the neighbours.

The applicant planned to open a cafe, shop and a cigar lounge at the disused car yard at the corner of Beaufort Street and Nelson Street, saying it would have “a high standard of design that negates issues such as noise, smell and vibration”.

Stirling council staff note the smoking area was located just 1.5m away from the boundary of the house next door and smoke and noise alike would waft over.

They also weren’t thrilled by the design, especially the planned 1.8m timber wall facing Beaufort Street. The council’s Local Development Plan calls for new buildings to fit neatly into the area’s traditional streetscape and this design “addresses Beaufort Street with a blank wall, contrary to the character, amenity and heritage of the area”.

The city received 14 letters of objection, and three of support, and councillors unanimously voted it down.

In September last year a high-end cigar bar attempted to open up on Lord Street in Highgate, but that was rejected by Vincent council over health concerns.


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