Get your jet boots on

GODZILLA’S  open mouth was perilously close to my head as I waited for my lunch at Mr Munchies in Mt Lawley.

Unlike Astro Boy, depicted in the same mural, I didn’t have jet-power boots to escape, but I didn’t care because lunch was about to arrive at my table.

I discovered the Japanese eatery, tucked down an arcade off Beaufort Street, a couple of years ago.

On that occasion I had the sashimi which was easily some of the best I’ve tried, the thinly sliced tuna, salmon and mackerel soft in texture and fresh on the tongue.

But despite that very enjoyable meal it fell off my radar until recently.

Mr Munchies prides itself on its sushi and there’s a wall menu of options to customise your own, with chicken (teriyaki, katsu or kraage), salmon, tuna, pork or vegetarian.

But on a cold miserable day I was looking for something warm and ordered a tofu bowl ($13.40), and veggie gyoza ($13.90).

Encased in a paper-thin, golden skin, the piping hot silken tofu was amazing, with a beautiful balance of flavours from sweet and chilli, to salty.

Their coating dripped down into the rice making the dish brilliant to the last grain.

Condiments on the table included pickled ginger, which really sparked up the fresh, crisp salad in a side dish.

The gyoza (Japanese dumplings) were an attractive green, and packed with a mix of flavours that rolled around the tongue in perfect unison, to be finally dominated by the sharpness of the enoki mushrooms.

Next door is Bossman where Greek and Middle-Eastern sweets are the go, so I grabbed a couple to go with afternoon tea.

The Greek biscuits ($3) were buttery, and not too sweet, and the baklava ($4.50) was amazing.

Instead of the usual hazelnuts she uses walnuts which give it a pleasant, peppery contrast to the sweet-syrup of the pastries.


Mr Munchies
12noon–3pm and from
5.30pm daily
7am–4pm daily
669 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

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