Wheely tacky

A LOATHED advertising trend has come to Perth with garishly painted derelict bicycles being chained to bike racks.

The bikes are in poor shape; their crossbars have been cut out to make room for the signs, and many of the tyres are flat. Calling the number reveals they’re advertisements for Wicked Campers, who are looking for people to relocate hire vehicles between cities.

The bike tactic is seen as a cheap way to get a message out, bypassing council approval and avoiding the costs of more traditional signage such as bus shelters or park benches.

It’s been seen in the eastern states and overseas for a decade.

•They’re everywhere, and they’re in such bad shape they’re not even worth stealing.

Right on schedule for most global trends, the bikes have now come to Perth, being spotted in the Perth CBD, at Matilda Bay, and all across Fremantle.

Philip Taylor from Westcycle says he’s noticed them recently and “it’s an annoyance, absolutely … bike parking is few and far between at the best of times, so any illegitimate use of bike parking is a concern”.

Perth and Fremantle councils have deemed them advertising. Fremantle council has hauled off four bikes so far, and Perth council’s impounded two.

The Voice called the number on the ad and were directed to email questions to Wicked Campers (though an earlier email did not get a response, and Fremantle council hasn’t had any luck getting through either).


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