Perennial millennials

WITH urban homes short on garden space, indoor plants are becoming like little green children to many inner city dwellers.

Indoor plants have become mascots, meme-material and mental health menders, especially for millennials taken by their compactness and affordability.

Now Perth City Farm is jumping on the growing indoor plant trend, hosting the Perth Indoor Jungle Festival on July 26 and 27.

PCF’s CEO Kathleen Burton (pictured) says people are becoming more conscious of the importance of having a connection to the natural world, and indoor plants are an easy way to do that in everyday life.


“The health and wellbeing benefits of keeping plants inside homes and workplaces are well known, with research showing plants inside increase oxygen levels, remove harmful toxins from the air and reduce stress levels,” Ms Burton said.

Accidentally killing indoor plants has become a running joke among self-deprecating millennials as the ultimate marker of not being ready for adulthood, because they should be easy to keep alive.

But they do need care dependant on the climate and Ms Burton believes Perth’s indoor plants have an unnecessarily high death rate.

“I think many younger people haven’t had much experience with gardening, so they buy a bunch of indoor varieties, then overwater and put them in the wrong light, and are disappointed when their love manifests as a dead plant.”

Indoor plant experts will be sharing their tips on helping “greenbabies” thrive.

Talks include cultivating carnivorous plants, edible gardens for kids and plant photography for social media by expert instaplanter Scott Cain, who has more than 185,000 followers.

General admission to the festival (with music, snacks, stalls and cutting swaps) is $5, while workshops are ticketed separately through PCF’s Facebook page.


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