Focusing on better vision

MULTIFOCAL lenses were introduced to the Australian market in the 1980s and superseded Benjamin Franklin’s bifocal design.

As society has become more technology focused the demands placed on vision at different distances has increased dramatically.

Multifocal lenses help people see clearly in the distance, close up or with computer work.

Some people experience difficulty adapting and are disappointed they don’t perform as well as they had hoped.

Spex Design Optometrist are multi-focal lens specialists and can share their expertise and help people understand the technology.

“There is a great range of multifocal lenses available and many designs are just outdated,” Marijan Lazarev said.

“New technology is delivering some amazing results. “We have the experts who are happy to share their expertise and explain how your visual experience could be improved.”

COMMITTED TO YOUR VISION: Spex Design wants to help get your vision sorted. If you’re interested in lens design or just want to talk about any difficulty with your glasses get in touch with them today.

ImpressionIST® 4 3D-video-centering-system using facial recognition technology to achieve total individual and precise spectacle measurement.

ImpressionIST® 4 takes measurements accurate to 1/1000 of a millimetre. This data is used to make a highly customised, individual lens.

“It’s a very exciting time to be in optics and innovation like this is really delivering some outstanding results,” Yani Lazarev said.

“We can now offer a customised lens design that considers your facial features, the frame you select and your main visual activities and lifestyle.

“This level of customisation is the way of the future. It really does deliver a high-definition experience.”

Some common concerns of multifocal wearers are narrow reading area, having to raise the chin to read, sore neck and too much distortion in the periphery of the lens.

Multifocal lenses are like apair of cross trainers for the eye. Suitable for every day use and most activities but when you run a marathon you need a specific pair of running shoes.

The advent of computers, mobile phones and tablets means we are needing perfect vision across many distances. This is where multifocal or digital lenses come into their own.

The optical industry has responded quickly to this visual demand with many options.

“With the exponential growth and reliance upon digital devices people are needing assistance across many distances with their vision,” Marijan Lazarev said.

“A well-designed multifocal can help in these cases as it offers that very important intermediate distance.”

Spex Design invites anyone who is interested in lens design or who wants to discuss their experience to reach out to them.

“We have two Rodenstock lens experts who love solving problems. We are looking forward to showcasing our  ImpressionIST® 4 3D individual measurement technology.”

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