Yom-Tov may be honoured by lane

ARTIST, anthropologist and philanthropist Sagitte Yom-Tov, who died in 2013 aged 36, may soon have a laneway named in her honour.

Vincent council is considering naming the laneway between Irene and William Streets after her.

Yomtov means “good day” in Hebrew.

The lane is near her home and beside Hyde Park, one of her favourite places.

• Sagitte Yom-Tov

She carried out an ethnographic and archeological site study at the park, looking at its Aboriginal significance ahead of the council’s lakes restoration project.

Her thesis examined the benefits of Aboriginal bilingual education.

She spent a lot of her free time volunteering, teaching literacy and numeracy, helping out at animal shelters, helping homeless people and volunteering for Starlight Foundation.

Her family set up a fund in her name that contributes to causes that were important to her, including helping Aboriginal kids through year 12 and into tertiary education, and the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation that assists victims of human trafficking in Vietnam.

Ms Yom-Tov went to Carmel School (which holds a Hebrew debate competition in her memory) and Mt Lawley High School (which has an art award in her name).

She was a musician and artist who loved the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, and an O’Keeffe-inspired mural of an arum lily she painted in 2002 on Glendower Street is still there.

• Her lily mural.

Renaming the laneway after Ms Yom-Tov was a community submission from the council’s “Name the Lanes” project, and is currently out for advertising until August 23, accepting comments via mail@vincent.wa.gov.au or 9273 6000.

The proposed name is “Yomtov Lane” because Landgate rules don’t allow hyphens anymore.

Vincent’s following a new, more diligent consultation process for naming lanes after it was criticised for not asking nearby neighbours what they thought of the names given to nine roads around Beaufort Street earlier this year.

While the council initially asked the community for ideas, they didn’t go back to all the neighbours for a final yea-or-nay once they’d settled on a final list.


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