Pressure on hose business

A THUNDEROUS hose has led to a spray of complaints from neighbours of a Charles Street car wash, but Vincent council is letting it run later.

Vincent council staff found Eco Spray Carwash had been operating the high-pressure hose outside its approved 8.30am-5.30pm trading hours, but will rein in Friday and weekend spraying to give residents some relief. As a trade-off, Eco Spray can keep working until 7pm Monday to Thursday.

The hose runs at 94 decibels and the vacuum is 85 (a household vacuum is 70-80dbA).

But Eco Spray’s business director says the hose was only used during business hours.

Neighbours also complained about “very noisy…loud music” playing.

The business director says “I am 100 per cent sure it has never ever happened”.


At the July 23 council meeting, councillors approved an application to extend the car wash’s opening hours to 8am-7pm Monday to Thursday.

Cr Joanne Fotakis was the only one to vote against it.

“I can’t see a way to accept in any form an extension of hours,” Cr Fotakis said at the meeting.

“My concern has been in looking at the ongoing breaches and blatant disregard for our current requirements of operation…I don’t accept an extension of those hours as a way to solve that.

“I understand the impact on neighbouring residents. I’ve been down and had a look at the operation a number of times. It is intense, and I’m not happy to support an intensification of the operation at that site.”

Council staff ‘acknowledged’ there’d been some instances of after-hours spraying, and warned the washers to be on their best behaviour, keep the stereo down, and come up with a noise management plan before the new hours can apply.


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