It’s play time

• Maylands Peninsula primary principal Paul Andrijich, P&C president Dan West, Bayswater Community Bank manager Sean Kay, Maylands MLA Lisa Baker and student councillors Ashleigh Bolton, Kai Kabugua, Alysha Trinh and Samson Pozzi.

KIDS at Maylands Peninsula Primary School won’t be using the playground in shifts anymore after new $40,000 equipment was installed.

Students number have doubled to about 650 since the school opened in 2004 and earlier this year there was a weekly roster to use the playground equipment.

The school’s P&C president Dan West said the kids love the new play space.

“This is a big improvement in terms of play facilities for the students,” Mr West said.

“[The students] are no longer rostered on which days they can use the play equipment.”

The new playground is part of the P&C’s long-term plan to have more modern, “nature play” facilities.

The playground upgrade was funded by the state government, Bendigo Bank, Bankwest and the school P&C.

Maylands Labor MP Lisa Baker says the school leadership and P&C had worked hard to secure the money and equipment.

“The school’s play equipment was 40 years old, with the original equipment from the old East Maylands Primary School.”


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