Market forces

STIRLING council is set to cut red tape to help small market operators set up in the city.

Under the proposed policy change, operators with up to 20 stalls will not have to apply for development approval if their market is on private land.

The operators still have to meet a list of criteria including no vendors arriving at the market before 6am and only holding the market one day a week.

The proposed changes will also allow operators to hold markets on non-residential land zoned “business”, “hotel” and “industry”, where they are currently prohibited.

Additional car parking will also be waived in “civic” zones, in a bid to revitalise town centres.

Stirling mayor Mark Irwin says the proposed policy would benefit operators like the Inglewood Night Markets.

“The intent of the draft policy is to allow markets to operate on private land in a way that reduces regulation and makes them easier and quicker to operate,” he says.

“The draft policy also seeks to make it easier for markets, such as the Inglewood Night markets, to operate on public land and not require development approval.

“The control of markets on public land would still be through the city’s event application process.”

The draft local planning policy is currently out for public comment.


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