Stamp the clamp

STIRLING mayor Mark Irwin wants to ban wheel clamping in the city.

Cr Irwin has asked city officers to prepare a report on a potential ban, or at least some regulations, in response to the wheel clamping of a bunch of Christmas carollers last year.

Cr Irwin says he’s been mulling over the ban since the Scarborough Christmas Carols.

“Unfortunately the cars were parked on private property which the city has no jurisdiction over, so there was very little we could do,” he says.

“However we did write to the owners and managing agents of the property to see whether they would reconsider the use of wheel clamping and consider other methods of parking management.

“I don’t have an issue with private property owners enforcing parking on their property, it is the detaining of people and their property and extorting them for unreasonable amounts of money that should be outlawed.

“The city has never undertaken or condoned the wheel clamping of cars, so I wanted to explore whether the practice of wheel clamping can be banned, or at the very least regulated, in the city of Stirling.”

Wheel clamping was banned in Queensland 20 years ago and the New Zealand government is considering outlawing it.

Cr Irwin’s clamping motion will be considered at council later this month.


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