Stirling 360

• The controversial kid’s seat in Bercove Lane, Mt Lawley.

STIRLING council has backflipped on its decision to remove a children’s seat from a laneway in Mt Lawley following a public backlash.

The city had requested the seat in Bercove Lane be removed by the end of last month, following a single complaint about noise and disruption.

The decision infuriated locals, with Kathryn Agate lodging a “Save the Seat” petition with the city.

This week Ross Povey, Stirling council’s planning director, told the Voice they had “been in touch with the resident who lodged the petition and let them know that the removal of the seat will not be pursued at this time.

“Public health and safety is of the utmost importance to the City of Stirling. While the city has a responsibility to follow up complaints and adhere to any rules and regulations or legislation, we also recognise that some issues – like this one – are multi-faceted and require a tailored approach.

“We understand that the seat in Bercove Lane has sentimental and community value attached to it and we are working to balance all of our responsibilities to the community.”

Mr Povey added that the city was currently redrafting its Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law to allow community members to own and activate streets in appropriate locations.

The “Save the seat” petition noted that “all of the children in the area have learnt to ride trikes, bikes and boards in this area, creating a friendly community for themselves and parents alike.”

The seat, constructed from planks and old skateboard decks, was described as an “art piece.”

Ms Agate said the laneway is close to the Stirling-Vincent council boundary, and residents from both sides had supported the “Save the Seat” campaign on Facebook.


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