Give us trams to get back on track

• Beaufort Street traders met with Mark McGowan and his cabinet at Le Rebelle to fill them in on their highs and lows.

MOUNT LAWLEY locals got the chance to bend premier Mark McGowan’s ear when he came by for a Community Cabinet this week.

Mr McGowan’s been hauling his cabinet members around the state to hear about local issues.

A town hall-style meeting at the Yokine Bowls Club on Sunday was followed by a whistle-stop tour of the ‘burb with Mt Lawley MP Simon Millman on Monday, including a catchup with Beaufort Street traders to hear about the recent challenges they’ve faced in the retail market.

Major issues raised include business closures and parking problems.

Sharon Wiley from Seven Willow Designs told the premier trackless trams would benefit Beaufort Street.

“We used to have trams along the street, so we have that historic connection and it would really add to the vibrancy off the community,” Ms Wiley said.

“Sadly we’re seeing off-street parking problems getting worse, so increasing public transport options is more important than ever.”

One response to “Give us trams to get back on track

  1. We are pursuing trackless trams as a connector option for METRONET Morley and Noranda stations.
    In fact I am hosting an event where Professor Peter Newman is going to discuss first hand experiences with trackless trams, so our community in the City of Bayswater can better understand this technology and if it would benefit our community (over feeder buses).

    If you are interested – there is a link to the event below:

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