No frills

• The Volcanics strut their stuff.

The Volcanics’ explosive take on Australian rock ‘n’ roll is showcased in their new album Black Door.

Two singles from the album, Talk and 3, are already out, but the Perth band will officially launch their new album at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday August 31.

Since forming in the early noughties, The Volcanics have developed a feisty homegrown sound.

“This album is a continuation of the rock ‘n’ roll that we play–it’s our type of rock ‘n’ roll,” lead singer John Phatouros says.

“Mainly Australian influences, it has a very unique sound and delivery. It’s a little bit different to American and British rock ‘n’ roll”.

Phatouros says the band are influenced by Aussie groups like The Easy Beats, The Saints and The Hoodoo Gurus, but The Ramones also get a name-check.

Phatouros calls their music “straight up guitar rock ‘n’ roll”, but his lyrics are original and thought-provoking.

“The lyrics are about human beings and relationships,” he says. “They’re not rock ‘n’ roll lyrics–we don’t sing about girls and cars, we’re not singing about cliches, there’s none of that crap.

“They’re songs about real life–no fantasy, it’s about when something happens”.

At the album launch, The Volcanics will be supported by The Killer Hipsters, The Tender Hearts, The Cabelleros and DJ WrecknRoll (Claire Hodgson).

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