A lot of laughs

OVER the Fence Comedy Film Festival finishes its national tour with a night of laughs at Cinema Paradiso later this month.

Festival director Greg Coffey combed the world to come up with 14 diverse films for the festival, and now it’s up to the judges and the audience to pick the winners.

This year’s theme was Imperfect World and the short films deal with a range of very human topics, including bank-robbing senior citizens, online dating, a human-sized talking duck, and using social media to notify millennials of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“He tells them he wants to hang up on two bits of timber…to get rid of sins,” Coffey says.

Small Town PD, by South Australian director Indianna Bell, is a farce about a large team of very bored police officers in a one-horse town.

“It takes the piss out of everything, particularly the police,” Coffey says.

Hateful Date, by Australian director/scriptwriter Adam Kiers, asks the question “what if two people on a first date were honest with each other”.

It also questions the lengths people will go to to be hip in their choice of clothing and coffee.

Harls, directed by Kenzie Sutton, features a beer-drinking kangaroo who goes to Reincarnated Anonymous because he can’t stop being reincarnated.

In We’re Going to Paris things don’t go to plan when a couple of retirees try to supplement their meagre pension with a bank robbery.

Like all the films there’s an unexpected punch line at the end to leave audiences laughing, even if they’re not sure what just happened. Now in it’s third year the offshoot festival A World of Dark Comedy will also be at Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge from October 31-November 2.

Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival is on September 19-21.

For more info or to book go to overthefence.com.au


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