Capturing Vincent

•Melanie McInerney reluctantly stars in The Throwback.

STORIES about Vincent life are being sought for the city’s yearly short film festival.

The festival’s a collaboration between Revelation and the City of Vincent, and there are three $5000 grants on offer for short, non-fiction films under 10 minutes which can be about anything local like Vincent characters, urban legends, community groups or local history.

One of the winning films from last year was “The Throwback”, the story of one of the remaining few movie rental stores in the Netflix era, Network Video Mount Hawthorn at The Mezz.

Store owner Melanie McInerney said she had a lot of fun despite some discomfort.

“I’m neither comfortable in front or behind a camera,” she laughed.

But she says filmmakers Louise Bertoncini, Jenny Crabb and Tim Fitzgerald put her at ease.

“We had a lot of laughs … it’s a real personal story they could tell, alongside the business [story]”.

Trying to keep the doors open has been a struggle and it’s been a long time since Ms McInerney drew a wage from working at the shop, but she has seen a boost in support after the film had a few screenings.

“I’ve had people just come into the store to say ‘I saw that documentary about you, and I just wanted to come in and shake your hand and thank you for what you’re doing’.

“There’ve been a handful of people who’ve been inspired to join the DVD store.”

Ms Bertoncini said she was drawn to the story because pedestrian-friendly Mount Hawthorn made it easier to meet local characters.

“Mel is one of those characters who is well known by many people because she has lived and worked in the area all her life. She is your classic hard-working, headstrong small business owner.”

Winners will also benefit from mentoring by Rev’s Ashleigh Nicolau, a freelance filmmaker known for the ABC drama The Heights.

The completed films screen at the 2020 Revelation Film Festival in July.

Entries are open now until November 1 via


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