Man time

• Men talk things through at a “Tomorrow Man” workshop.

A “NIGHT with the blokes” conjures up images of boozy carousing and primal chest-thumping, but later this month Aussie men will get together for a fun chat about what it means to be a “modern man” in 2019.

The free “Tomorrow Man” workshop will be lead by facilitators Ryder Jack and Andy Dennis.

“There’ll be a free barbecue at 6.30pm, followed up by a highly engaging two-hour workshop exploring the current state of man in Australia in 2019: what’s working for us and what may need to change in order for blokes to take better care of themselves and their loved ones,” Mr Jack says.

“The men who show up will walk out hearing incredible, powerful stories and practical tools to continue the conversation.

“WA men are not the worst in the country when it comes to speaking about emotions and feelings. Most blokes are masters of banter.

“They can also have a good yarn; it just needs to be in the right setting and environment.”

The workshop was organised by the Kai Eardley Foundation, founded by Kai’s mum Claire.

The East Fremantle lad committed suicide aged 20 in 2016 after battling depression and anxiety.

Ms Eardley hopes the fun workshops will encourage men to not be embarrassed to ask for help if they are experiencing mental health issues. “My goal is to give boys the tools to talk and ask for help,” she told the Voice.

“Indirectly my goal is to help reduce the number of male suicides – currently six men take their life every day.

“If I can save just one life and prevent another family from going through what we have experienced, then I’ll be satisfied that I have done my job.”

A night with the blokes workshop is at the Mosman Park Tennis Club 7pm-9pm on September 25.

Register at

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