Baysy a FOGO

A “FOGO” bin system that recycles food scraps is set to be rolled out through Bayswater next year.

The council has voted in a new waste management plan and will ask the community for feedback on the Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bins in November.

Bayswater was one of the first councils to adopt a three-bin system 20 years ago, adding one for garden scraps. Now it’s adding food scraps to the pick-up.

“Residents are used to putting organic garden waste in their green-top bin; the only change is that food waste will now be accepted too,” said Bayswater mayor Dan Bull.

“Organic material, including food organics and garden organics, makes up over half of all household waste.

“Instead of ending up in landfill, this valuable material will be turned into nutrient-rich compost under the FOGO system.

“The city will work with the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council on an education program to provide residents consistent and clear guidelines around what can be placed in their FOGO bin.”

FOGO was identified as the preferred bin system by the state government in February.

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