Sweet surprise

TARTS Cafe isn’t named after the ladies of the night who used to prowl Lake Street, but it’s a nod to the gorgeous cakes it makes and sells.

Premium real estate and upmarket residents have transformed the working class area into a Northbridge hotspot with trendy cafes and eateries.

On a mildly sunny working day, Tarts was the perfect choice for lunch.

I sipped a fresh beetroot and apple juice ($6.90) and soaked up the beams as I waited for my barramundi bowl ($25.90).

Having eaten a few of these over the past two years I knew exactly what to expect–and it didn’t disappoint.

Lined with a soft, fresh burrito, the bowl contained a slab of perfectly cooked barramundi, fresh avocado, lime cauliflower rice, rocket, slaw, and an orange and fennel salsa.

The sundry flavours coalesced on my tongue in a taste sensation.

But there’s only so much healthy eating one can do, so I headed to the sweets cabinet to agonise over the mouthwatering selection.

Doubling my chances of sugar-overload heaven, I ordered a chocolate eclair ($5.90) and a tea to have there, and a strawberry and a lemon tart to go ($6.80 each).

Alone for lunch and with no one to judge, I sank my teeth into a heavenly eclair, pausing for sips of tea to prolong the experience.

The choux pastry was the perfect foil for the vanilla cream filling and chocolate topping.

I’m often disappointed by the lack of citrus, but the lemon tart we ate for supper had a nice  sharp hit (the strawberry one was terrific too).

Make sure you check out Tarts Cafe—there’s always a happy ending.


Tarts Cafe
212 Lake Street,
open 7 days from 7am

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