A BUS load of Japanese tourists had descended on Ischia Restaurant and I surreptitiously checked out what they’d ordered.

Pizza of course, its universal, but they were also tucking into bowls of mussels.

Since my Japanese is limited to sayonara and saki, communication was difficult, but they seemed happy with sunny Perth and in particular the food in front of them.

The feeling was mutual as I enjoyed the alfresco ambience of busy Beaufort Street.

Having eaten at Ischia before I can recommend the pizza, as they proof the dough for two days to ensure it’s exceptionally light and fluffy.

Dining alone on this occasion, memories of a great meal in Sicily made me plump for risotto with Sicilian tuna ($25) from the specials board. Ischia’s service is top notch and despite being the only person sitting in the alfresco I was well looked after during my meal.

From the first mouthful, the tomato sharpness of the risotto hit the sweet spot on my tastebuds, and the dish was rich and almost creamy.

Tuna was flaked through the perfectly cooked risotto and a generous amount of grated parmesan made things pop, as did the side dish of freshly sliced chillies in oil.

Ischia’s cakes are made by a “local nonna”, so I went with a torta della nonna (Italian grandmother’s cake $9) with my loose leaf earl grey tea ($5).

The lemon and custard filling combined in perfect harmony and was encased in a moreish, crumbly pastry.

Of course I had to take home a tiramisu ($9) for him indoors.

“Delizioso,” mio marito exclaimed, as he shoveled the seriously rich cake into his mouth.


Ischia Restaurant
500 Beaufort Street,
9227 7762
open seven days
for lunch and dinner

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