Big climate protest predicted

PERTH’S latest “climate crisis strike was due to take place in Forrest Place yesterday (Friday September 20).

With people from 150 countries now participating, the global event aims to bring awareness to what strikers are calling a “climate crisis”, and is being held in the lead-up to a UN climate change summit in Korea this week.

The Conservation Council of WA, Doctors For The Environment, Australian Parents for Climate Action, a P&C from a primary school in Fremantle as well as youth and the general public were expected to attend, with organisers predicting Perth’s biggest climate protest to date.

• Friday’s climate strike was a global event, with people from 150 countries participating.

Many from Perth are pledging to miss work and school, calling for legislation to combat the crisis and demanding the end of environmental “degradation and destruction”.

More than 1000 Australian businesses have voiced support for their workers attending the climate strikes.

Extinction Rebellion held one climate strike outside Parliament House on August 15 with 15 strikers prompting politicians to legislate and act for a climate crisis which they say is putting species at risk for extinction and failing to protect the overall livelihood of citizens.


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