Election signs slashed

• Sliced away: Someone came prepared.

COUNCIL election signs on private property in Vincent have been stolen.

Vincent south ward candidate Joshua O’Keefe said last Friday supporters were reporting his signs had been cut down from their fences.

He reckons whoever’s taken them hasn’t just pulled them off; the stiff signs are attached via hardy zip ties that make them difficult to yank free, so he thinks a blade was used to slice them off.

Three were cut away on Grosvenor Road, and other signs he’d made sure were legally placed near North Perth Plaza have been unearthed and tossed face down.

Mr O’Keefe’s reported it to the city, calling it a “pretty dirty play I must say and not one I’d expect from our area. The stakes must be high this election.

“They’re professionally printed and produced, so when you factor in the cost of the corflute signs, the time it takes speaking to the people in the house to organise it, putting them up … it’s a bit of a process.”

Ballots were due to start arriving in mailboxes this week, and polls close October 19.


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