Close Vincent poll

IT was a close race for the two vacancies in Vincent’s south ward during Saturday’s council elections.

While incumbent Susan Gontaszewski was returned relatively safely with a 167-vote margin, newcomer Ashley Wallace narrowly pipped Joshua O’Keefe by 69 votes to take second place.

Full results:

• Susan Gontaszewski: 1430 votes (24.6 per cent of the vote);

• Ashley Wallace: 1263 (21.73 per cent);

• Joshua O’Keefe: 1194 (20.53 per cent);

• Adina Lieblich: 1053 (18.12 per cent);

• David McDermont: 451 (7.76 per cent);

• Peter Le: 421 (7.24 per cent).

Total turnout was a pretty small 24.61 per cent (the statewide average is projected to be 28.5 per cent), down from around 27.7 per cent in 2017.

This election saw Ros Harley retiring after eight years, and Jimmy Murphy after four.

The mayor is still Emma Cole as there were no other candidates.

North Ward also avoided a contest, with two candidates for two seats, which saw Dan Loden returning and joined by new councillor Sally Smith.


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