Not such a blast for Metallica frontman

• Metallica lead singer James Hetfield.

A PERTH craft brewery’s plans to launch a beer celebrating the Australian tour of heavy metal veterans Metallica has been derailed – ironically because lead singer James Hetfield entered rehab.

Blasta Brewing had collaborated with US beer giants Stone Brewing on the potent pale ale List.Loud.React to mark Metallica’s tour, which was to kick off in Perth last week, but it was abruptly cancelled.

“We did lose out on being the host venue for the Perth event which would’ve incorporated a big launch party at Blasta HQ on the Wednesday before the concert with Stone Brewing, which we had sunk some time and resources into organising unfortunately,” Blasta venue manager Joshua Morgan said.

“Plus obviously the added revenue of the night of the concert and publicity of being the host venue for the days leading up to and after the concert.”

Blasta initiated plan B and held a smaller event to launch the beer last Friday (October 18) with Stone merchandise.

Despite the Metallica no-show, Mr Morgan says the 8.488 per cent List.Loud.React has been “very well received” and sold well at the brewery’s Burswood venue, with external venues quick to order kegs.

“We hope that James Hetfield gets the help he needs and can come back through Australia and New Zealand at a latter date; I know they have many fans this side of the world,” Mr Morgan said.

by STEPHEN POLLOCK on List.Loud.React

“Lurid yellow in the glass, LIST.LOUD.REACT. comes on first with mango and assorted tropical fruit, supported by a juicy citrus and resin undercurrent. Although not overly forward, alcohol sweetness provides balance to a bitterness that manifests more as a perceived dryness than a hoppy assault, leaving the whole experience dangerously drinkable,” wrote Guy Southern.

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