Yolk: Demolition ban ‘inconsistent’

YOLK Property Group will appeal a ban on demolishing two buildings on King William Street.

The developer applied to demolish 9 and 11 King William Street after plans for a previous apartment block and partial demolition expired earlier this year, but on November 5 Bayswater councillors dashed  its hopes for a clean slate.

Yolk director Pete Adams says the council is being inconsistent.

“Demolition approval was granted back in 2015 as part of our due diligence prior to purchasing the properties,” Mr Adams said.

“Nothing has changed since this date, so it is difficult to understand the inconsistency of decisions at both officer and council level at the City of Bayswater.”

Mr Adams was angry at Bayswater’s proposal to increase the buildings’ heritage protection “with zero justification”, saying an independent assessment by leading heritage architects Griffiths recommended they be demolished.

Peculiar assemblage

Griffiths said houses like number 9 were well represented in Bayswater: “The loss of one of the type is not a matter for concern”. Number 11 was a “peculiar assemblage of parts” with little aesthetic value.

The council’s own heritage assessment was more glowing.

Councillors feared the demolition would create two vacant lots in the middle of town, but Mr Adams said Yolk wouldn’t leave the sites barren. 

“For the past three years we have given several pop up shops, including Howdy Coffee and community uses, free rent in the buildings. 

“We would have liked to continue this and create a short-term temporary pop up space using containers and landscaping on the site.

“We informed the council of our plans and we have honoured gifting our properties to the community to date, so I am disappointed the council questioned our intentions in this regard.”


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