What do they want? Cooperation NOW

WHILE school kids holding placards and chanting heart-felt slogans have dominated news headlines, many youngsters are more interested in a collaborative approach to tackling climate change, says the CEO of Millennium Kids.

Millennium kids work with schools, councils and leading scientists to plant endemic species to tackle Perth’s diminishing tree canopy, which in some local government areas is as low as 8 per cent.

CEO Catrina Aniere says young people are interested in having a greater say in the climate debate, but not everyone is interested in striking.

“In 500 kids we interviewed, striking didn’t come up once but they wanted a voice; so we chose to meet with parliament and councils to enact community action,” Ms Aniere said.
“Children have been talking about the need for more care for the environment – sitting politely around a table, and now the time is right.”

The project has had a boost after receiving a $300,000 grant through the State National Resource Management Program.
The funding will allow Millennium Kids to partner with five local governments and restore cleared bushland.

The cities of Melville and Bayswater are early adopters of the project, followed by Cockburn, South Perth and Stirling.

Millennium Kids board member Elizabeth Baudains (12) says trees provide shade and cool our climate.
“They also take in carbon dioxide and use it to grow; they could reduce the carbon in our atmosphere.”

MLA Simon Millman says he is ‘“delighted Millennium Kids have been recognised for their hard work.

“This is the epitome of thinking globally and acting locally,” he says.

“Here is the state government working with a grassroots organisation to nurture regrowth and renewal.”


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