Gigs: Brandon Poletti to launch new EP at North Perth

When Brandon Poletti performed in front of 40,000 rabid football fans, it was the furthest thing in the world from his first open mic night as a 20-year-old wracked with stage fright.

Within just a few years, the Perth musician’s journey has taken him from bedroom songwriter to consummate touring musician packing out venues across Australia.

Brandon has returned with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, the stunning Words from Within, which he will launch with a show at The Rosemount Hotel on Friday December 6.

Inspired by storyteller-songwriters such as Paul Kelly, Archie Roach and Missy Higgins, Brandon’s style is defined by an honest introspection that instantly resonates with listeners.

Words from Within showcases Brandon’s maturity as a songwriter, delivering wave upon wave of beautiful melody and deeply heartfelt lyrics as the EP unfolds like a good book.

Brandon’s songwriting prowess saw him perform in the national final of the Listen Up Songwriting Competition in Sydney in November with his song Find My Way Through.

Brandon Poletti will launch the Words from Within EP at The Rosemount Hotel in North Perth on Friday December 6.

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