Roundabout fitting to a T

A PUBLIC forum about the diabolical Green Street/Scarborough Beach Road pentagram intersection has drawn a bigger crowd than some test cricket matches, with a roundabout the most popular solution.

Changes to the crossing have been in the pipeline for a while and there’s $3 million of government funding ready to go once a plan’s sorted.

Perth state Labor MP John Carey co-hosted the forum with Balcatta Labor MP David Michael and says from the 70-odd turnout there was “clear community concern about the intersection”.

Two early designs, a roundabout and a simplified t-junction, were presented to fix the tangled mess where Brady, Main and Green Streets collide with Scarborough Beach Road. Both options move the spot where Scarborough Beach Road hits Green a bit to the east to give the main intersection some breathing space.

“The overwhelming response from the community was for the roundabout option,” Mr Carey says.


The early designs will now be rejigged and presented to a working party with reps from all relevant groups.

“The key problem we have is this: We have to get the City of Stirling and the City of Vincent to agree to the same proposal, and then get Main Roads to agree to it as well. That seems easier said than done,” Mr Carey says.

“We’ve got concrete funding there, we’ve got a renewed energy and focus, but it’s still a long road ahead.”


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