Developers’ dream

• Orange is the current projected CBD population, but commissioners want to add the “aspirational” yellow on.

Perth to aim for 90,000 residents

PERTH’S inner city population would triple to 90,000 by 2050 under a new Strategic Community Plan released by the city’s commissioners.

The new plan calls for an inner-city population on par with Melbourne by 2035 and Sydney by 2050, well beyond the currently projected 58,000 residents.

Chair commissioner Andrew Hammond, who now gets to add his own introductory message and mug shot to the city’s over-riding strategic plan, said it would outline how the city addressed challenges such as creating thriving neighbourhoods, a diverse cultural identity, safety and strategic economic growth.

“To help achieve this, we have set accelerated density aspirations of 90,000 people by 2050 from our current base of just 29,627,” Cmmr Hammond said.

An earlier version of the plan adopted in May after wide consultation did not contain an aspirational population target, while the new document also includes hopes for a new university.

Perth state Labor MP John Carey backs the commissioners’ vision.

“I strongly and absolutely support this, because at the end of the day while I like Elizabeth Quay and Yagan Square, there is one key missing link for our city that we must champion, drive and facilitate, and that is more people living in the city,” he told the Voice. “This is the critical challenge for Perth.

“It is this simple proposition: More people living in the city make it more vibrant at day and night, they support small businesses, and they make it safer.”

Part of the plan to boost the CBD population is to set policies for better and more affordable apartment designs (including sustainable design standards so the increased mass of humanity has a lighter footprint), and addressing antisocial behaviour in the city.


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