‘We took advice’

AFTER our first pass of the SCP last week we got back in touch with Perth council to ask how it arrived at a figure of 90,000 residents.

We’ve now learned the target was “approved by the commissioners using advice from the administration”. 

Chair commissioner Andrew Hammond elaborated: “Based on a ‘moderate’ growth rate of 3.6 per cent, City of Perth modelling indicates that the city’s population could grow to 90,000 by 2050.  

“This number is aspirational targeted after 2025 once the city and the state government have implemented fundamental structural changes including planning, infrastructure, transport, health and education systems to support accelerated residential growth rates.

• Last week’s Voice story on Perth commissioners’ dream of 90,000 residents. We asked how they came up with that figure.

“The 90,000 population projection is a realistic target for 2050 but to achieve this, both the city and state government will need to be proactive and invest in supporting infrastructure to accommodate this infill growth projection. 

“At this growth rate, by 2035 the City of Perth’s density will be on par with the City of Melbourne of today, and by 2050, the City of Sydney.

“More people means busy streets, which feel safer day and night. More people means that investment in transformational community infrastructure is triggered sooner.  More people means businesses and service providers, retailers, arts and culture and entertainment areas not only survive, but thrive.  

“However, the city won’t pursue this growth rate ‘at all costs’.  We treasure our heritage and green spaces, our envied position on the Swan River and we will demand sustainable building design and construction.  

“We believe we can grow responsibly without compromising what is unique and valued, to create a better future for Perth city.”

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