Holy cow, Freo!

FREMANTLE features prominently in the latest issue of top-tier American comic book series, Suicide Squad.

And there’s talk of one of the series’ co-authors, who has ties to Applecross, introducing the global franchise’s first indigenous female character.

Fremantle Harbour and the WA Maritime Museum is the setting for a violent opening sequence of Suicide Squad #1, which is practically a reboot of the series.

It sees an army general introducing a new nuclear fleet to media before he’s murdered by members of Suicide Squad; a team of super-crooks reluctantly co-opted into working with the good guys in return for reduced prison sentences.

Suicide Squad #1 introduces readers to a brand new roster of super villains and is written by Melbourne-born comics scribe, Tom Taylor who previously worked for graphic novel publishers, Gestalt which was founded in Applecross.

Laith Tierney, owner of Perth comic shop Chaos Pop, told the Voice that Taylor continues to bring Aussie magic to the American comic book scene.

“We recently heard that Tom will be introducing an Australian indigenous female character to Suicide Squad named Thylacine,” says Tierney.

“Seeing Tom’s name on the covers of both Marvel and DC comic books has earned him the nickname The Daywalker around here,” Tierney laughs.

“The fact he manages to write for both major companies at the same time is comparable to a vampire that can exist in daylight.”

Suicide Squad first appeared in 1959 comic book series The Brave and the Bold.

Harley Quinn

Members include Joker’s love interest Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang, who was played by Australian actor Jai Courtney in a recent Suicide Squad film by Hollywood director David Ayer.

The comics can sell up to 50,000 copies each monthly issue, though a spin-off featuring Harley Quinn launched to nearly 100,000 readers two years ago.

That led to her becoming the “fourth pillar” of DC Comic’s line-up, alongside legacy behemoths Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Ayer’s film, featuring Margot Robbie, set a new record for an August debut and pulled in $380 million globally for its opening weekend. And that was against a panning from critics over its thin plot.

A sequel is due in 2021.

This isn’t the first time WA has featured in American-based comic books with Marvel’s The Avengers recently travelling to Perth where they complained about the high price of beer.

Suicide Squad #1 is available at Chaos Pop now.


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