Holiday magic

MAGICIANS Sam Hume and Justin Williams ignore the WC Fields’ maxim “Never work with animals or children”.

Their Greatest Magic Show is a family affair where kids are plucked out of the audience and join in, giving the performance an unpredictable edge.

“Kids are naturally open…you never know what they are going to do…which keeps the show fresh and keeps it fun,” Hume says.

The multi-award winning show was a sell out at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe and Sydney Fringe, where it won the Best in Fringe Kids award.

• Magicians Sam Hume and Justin Williams get a little help from the audience. Photos supplied

The high energy act includes crazy circus stunts and a brand new character, The Ringmaster.

“With incredible illusions, circus artistry and shooting an unsuspecting furry friend out of a cannon.”

And of course, a rabbit is involved.

“Only one rabbit though, definitely not two,” Hume laughs. 

“It’s sitting next to me right now.”

The show’s grand finale is a fun interactive routine which hopefully inspires kids to follow their dreams, much like Hume and Williams did from a young age.

“It’s about empowering kids; being positive and never giving up on your dream,” Hume says.

The Greatest Magic Show is on January 18-February 2, 1.30pm, with a free wand for every child.

But when the sun goes down, Hume and Williams’ kid friendly persona disappears as the pair hit the stage with a raunchy Adults Only Magic Show.

“There’s no nudity, but Justin does get down to his undies,” Hume says.

“It’s R-rated – classy but rude – with a lot of sexual references.”

The one hour adult show is on January 17-20 at De Parel Spiegeltent in the Woodside Pleasure Garden.


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