Noise law workshops

WORKSHOPS to untangle WA’s new live music protection laws will be held for residents and venue owners.

A grab bag of state  departments and Perth council are trying to formulate laws to protect Northbridge venues from noise complaints.

The efforts have been complicated by problems like heavy bass music blasting through sound proofing, and disagreements over what’s too noisy.

Some venue owners are worried the draft laws may dampen the city’s late-night clubbing scene.

Connections nightclub owner Tim Brown is no fan of a suggestion to cut back noise levels after 1am.

“Most of [the laws] I’m extremely happy with,” he said, but added that Northbridge’s venues were generally pumping at 1am so a curfew would be tough.

Eric Marshall lives near Russell Square. Not a big fan of amplifiers, he told the meeting building construction standards have exacerbated the problem.

“We think that our apartment building was not constructed in a way that was designed to cope with all these levels. We shut our windows, we have our earplugs shoved all the way in our ears, we still hear the bass noises,” he said.

There’s information sessions for venues on January 21 and 22, then for residents and businesses January 22 and February 6, info at


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