Short, but very sweet

SHORT films about orphaned joeys, dances inspired by talking walls and a local street choir have taken out this year’s Vincent film festival.

The winners of the short film fest, which is run in conjunction with Revelation, get $5000 for their pitch and will be mentored by industry vets to produce a short film in time for Rev’s Perth International Film Festival in July.

• Some of this year’s Vincent film festival filmmakers and stars: Alex Cearns, Sherrie Reid (and Sawyer the kangaroo infant), Kaela Halatau, Andrew Silberstein, Jennifer Friend, Sophia Vertannes, Brodie Rowlands, Stephen Bartley, Lyn Manuel (and baby roo Ash), David Downey and Cat Albright-Peakall. Photo by Anthony Tran

The winners are:

• Spirit of the Streets: The tale of the choir based at St Alban’s church hall in Highgate, where disadvantaged and people usually excluded from society come together to perform. Filmmakers David Downey, Cat Albright-Peakall and Erin Devinish will follow the choir as they regroup after the Christmas break and prepare for their first big gig of the year.

• Raising Joey: Local animal photographer Alex Cearns stars in this film by Jennifer Friend, Stephen Bartley, Andrew Silberstein and Kaela Halatau, a short documentary about orphaned kangaroos being raised by human carers.

• These Walls: An abstract turn for the film festival, this poetic documentary starts by asking owners of buildings what would their walls say if they could talk. That’s then turned into an interpretive dance by performers from three backgrounds (contemporary, Indian classical Bharatanatyam, and ballet), to provoke people to think about their relationships with their buildings. By Sophia Vertannes, Brodie Rowlands, Alice Stephens and Zain Awan. 

One of the film’s from last year The Throwback (the story of the Mt Hawthorn video store) won four awards including the overall grand prize at the Canada Shorts Film Festival.

Pre-production starts now.


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