‘Awesome Brad’ earns a big wave

• Green Cricket is back, orange Twistie still missing (and the car’s still gone too).

ONE of two custom surfboards stolen from a Mt Lawley couple has been discovered by “Brad the awesome truckie”.

Just before the new year, Hannah and Cameron Etchells’ Landcruiser Troopy, their camping gear and three surfboards were stolen from near their Chelmsford Road home (“Surf’s down,” Voice, January 11).


Last Friday the awesome truckie found the custom surfboard made by San Fransiscan shaper Danny Hess stashed in bushes next to a Bullsbrook truck stop..

The board named “Cricket” was in good condition except for a crack through the centre fin, while someone had also cleaned off its wax.

It was a convoluted chain of hands to get it back to Ms Etchells; Brad (who’s happy just being “the awesome truckie”) saw her name under the glass and realised it must be a custom number, so he texted a surfer mate, who texted another surfer mate, who’d posted it on the Surfin Perth Facebook group, where local board shaper Ross Rutherford saw it and called Ms Etchells to arrange its return.

The two custom boards and a third rare foamie would be tough to sell locally because their rarity makes them stand out, and Ms Etchells feared the thief might try to offload them oversees.

The remaining missing custom board “Twistie” is a Pete Dwyer 9’4” orange longboard, while the missing white foamie is a 5’6” with pineapple print – a “Ben Gravy special” and probably the only one in the state.

Ms Etchell’s hopeful the return of the Hess board means the rest of her gear and the car might still be around. If you see anything similar, call police and let Ms Etchells know too at hannahcjetchells@gmail.com


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