Brewing up a storm

CHAPELS on Whatley is so serious about tea there’s a brewing guide on its website with exact leaf quantities, water temperatures and infusion times.

If that wasn’t enough, inside the Maylands cafe there’s a shop selling a beautiful range of fine bone china cups and teapots.

One massive wall is devoted to a mind-blowing variety of Indian and Chinese teas, as well as Australian bush tucker and South American matcha.

Eager to try the creme de la creme of Chinese white teas, I ordered a pot of the expensive Bai Hao (silver needle).

The leaves are picked before they fully open and the young buds are covered in fine white hairs.

The flavour was subtle with a hint of fruit and there was no bitterness, with the teapot heated by a quaint tea light.

A pot costs $5.50 and you can try any other brew at no extra charge over a two-hour period.

There’s also a selection of “blooming” teas served in glass teapots, which blossom like an exotic flower when hot water is added.

Chapels’ food menu showcases the diversity of cultures in the Asian region, but also has homegrown favourites.

Avocado and eggs benedict ($22.95) rub shoulders with dishes like iron budha oolong tea fried rice ($27.95).

The cafe’s signature dish is rice vermicelli noodle omelette ($22.95), which I tried on a recent visit.

It’s a wonderful fusion dish that includes shitake mushrooms, chinese cabbage, chilli, onion and a wonderfully sharp and salty java sambal.

On another occasion I enjoyed a kimchi pancake, while my lunch mate had a delicious Peking duck and orange salad ($27.95).

I finished lunch with a slice of sticky fig cake ($7.95), which went perfectly with the white tea.

I took home some pecan cheesecake ($7.95) to enjoy with another pot of Bai Hao, which is sold in an elegant glass vial.


Chapels on Whatley
196 Whatley Crescent, Maylands

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