Can do

• How the Roe Street reverse vending station could look. Please bring more than 40,000 containers a day here, otherwise we’ll still be paying it off come the year 5246.

CANS and bottles could soon contribute to City of Perth coffers, with the council buying in big to WA’s container deposit scheme.

The council hopes people will recycle up to 240,000 containers a day in city drop-off points.

It’ll cost the council $1.355million to set up two permanent refund points; one at a city storage site at Aberdeen Street and another at a Roe Street carpark with four reverse vending machines.

Under the state government scheme, the council will collect six cents per can and the depositer 10 cents, with hopes that will lead to less litter. The price of drinks will rise.

The number of bottles deposited will have a major impact on the council’s return on its investment according to a staff report.

Under the best-case scenario of 240,000 containers, the council would rake in $2.4 million a year, but if only 40,000 get deposited there’ll be just $420 profit and it would take 3226 years to pay off the set-up costs.

It will also cost $78 per hour to employ a container chief, $56 per hour for extra staff and $51 for security guards.

The city also plans to employ up to 14 people from a not-for-profit group to sort cans, budgeting $50 an hour per person. Uniting Care West, Shelter WA, St Vincent de Paul Society, St Bart’s and St Pat’s have said they’re interested in providing employees and containers.

The council will also shell out for two mobile refund trailers that can be loaned to charities who’ll the pocket the 10 cents.

It hopes the scheme will mean less money spent on street cleaning and landfill levies.

The plan was unanimously approved by commissioners at the January 21 council meeting, with Cmmr Len Kosova saying it will “contribute to environmental improvements by increasing recycling, and improved waste management within and beyond the city, [and] I think it takes advantage of the many visitors we have to the City of Perth every day and as an added bonus is going to hopefully provide a financial reward for the city”.


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