Flat sale for overdue rates

A FLAT on Sherwood Street will be auctioned off so Bayswater council can recover rates racked up since the owner died 12 years ago.

Vilim (William) Bunoza’s estate owes $17,979 in council rates, $10,150 to the Water Corporation, and $61,871 in strata levy charges.

31/3 Sherwood Street Maylands is being sold February 1 at noon under the Local Government Act which allows a council to sell off an indebted property if they’ve given the owner (or other person with interest in the property) minimum three months’ notice.

The council doesn’t get to keep any profit once the rates, water bill and strata fees have been paid: The Act requires any leftover money to be given back to relatives (or other people entitled to the property). If they can’t be found, the money goes back to the supreme court, then after six years into the state government’s “consolidated account”, the big pool of public money that all revenue sits in.

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