You’ve got male?

• A scene from the reboot of You’ve got mail (above) and the cast in rehearsals (below).

QUEERNESS and feminism loom large in a Fringe reboot of rom-com classic You’ve Got Mail.

The show takes the traditional values of the original movie and replaces them with 45 minutes of post-modern comedy and female self-empowerment.

The show’s co-creators Sarah Hadley and Ang Collins highlight the misogyny and patriarchal tendencies in the 1998 film, but there are still plenty of laughs and nostalgia.

Sotto, the independent theatre company behind the show, is known for its witty take on popular cinema with avant-garde depictions of feminism and queerness.

You’ve Got Mail’s Chris Ratcliffe plays Joe Fox (Tom Hanks in the movie) said the show was fun to do because it had comic flair and lampoons rom-com stereotypes.


“We’ve taken off the rose-tinted spectacles and replaced them with kaleidoscopic, queer, parody glasses. But rest assured, this show still has plenty of heart”.

Eloise Snape (Meg Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly) says the original film was a prime candidate for a satirical reboot because of its old-fashioned ideologies.

“It’s the perfect film to expose all of the awful romantic comedy stereotypes and roles that films can’t really get away with anymore”.

The fun-filled production debunks a world where people submit to the patriarchy, and instead showcases cyber-feminism and heartfelt realism.

“If you know and love the movie, you’ll still love our You’ve Got Mail,” Ratcliffe says.

You’ve Got Mail is on February 11-15 at the Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge as part of the Fringe World Festival. Tickets at


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