Bayswater goes upcycling

• The council’s furniture warehouse.

NEW Bayswater councillor Steven Ostaszewskyj has convinced the city to recycle a huge pile of its retired furniture.

In 2018 before joining Bayswater, Cr Ostaszewskyj found out about an enormous trove of office furniture sitting in the city’s warehouse on the corner of King and Raymond Streets.

He raised it at the city’s AGM saying there was mountains of stuff in pretty good nick but “each year the city spends money on new furniture”. He called for an audit into what was stored, eventually finding out a third of the gear was destined for disposal.

Elected to council in October 2019, Cr Ostaszewskyj announced this week the city would take expressions of interest from community groups, service organisations, not for profits and charities for items valued under $5000 which were no longer of use to the city.

“I’m personally thrilled,” Cr Ostaszewskyj said.

“We’ve got this stuff sitting there, we might as well use it again. It’s getting no productive use sitting there and if we can help our community groups, charities, not for profits and service organisations to get use out of it again, that’s awesome. It’s a win for the City of Bayswater, ratepayers and those organisations.“

The groups will be able to get an inventory, with images showing dormant chairs, filing cabinets, shelves and desks.


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