Loopy about  Lupo

BACK in my meat-eating days I used to enjoy a good parmie, so when I saw an eggplant one at Lupo Lab, I was in like Flynn.

I was expecting chunks of aubergine instead of chicken, but Lupo’s version ($25) is more like lasagna with eggplant forming the basis of the sauce.

Pasta sheets were layered with creamy sauce and lashings of sharp cheese and tomato.

Meanwhile, my lunch companion was chowing down on the crispy skin salmon ($26.50)

Rising like the prow of a ship, the slab of perfectly cooked fish sat atop zucchini ribbons, grape tomatoes, asparagus and roasted pine nuts.


“It’s tender, firm and the skin is super crispy,” my mate said.

Lupo Lab owner Mirko Silvestri hails from Rome and the eatery prides itself on authentic cuisine.

“Crafting food from scratch is a tradition passed down through the generations,” he says online.

He completed a specialty coffee diploma to become an authorised trainer in roasting, sensory, green beans and brewing.

“I also completed my coffee science certificate, gaining a better understanding of the science behind coffee.”

A love of coffee took him to South America, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia and Africa.

“I was humbled by the way the coffee farmers live, how hard they work and realised how much we take for granted living in a first-world country.

“I want to honour the hard work and dedication they put into every coffee and deliver it to the public through our in-house roastery.”

My mate reckoned the coffee ($4.50) was great – rich and creamy without a hint of bitterness.

I stuck to my favourite beverage, earl grey tea ($4.50), and for the first time in memory the waiter actually listened when I said “weak and black”, resulting in a delicious brew.

We topped off a pleasant meal with a blondie ($3.50) and a fruit custard tart ($4.50).

The blondie was good but the sweat-and-creamy tart with a hint of lemon was amazing.


Lupo Lab Roasters
& Italian Restaurant
151 Scarborough Beach
Road, Mt Hawthorn

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