People power

PEOPLE power has prevailed at Bayswater council, with 13 out of 15 electors’ motions from December’s AGM being endorsed at January’s ordinary meeting.

Some motions are still in the “wait and see” stage, dependent on a budget allocation.

Those passed outright included:

• Relocate fruit trees on the King William Street path that dropped fruit into the adjacent wetlands, replacing them with more eco-friendly natives;

• Lobby the McGowan government to fix local rat runs and traffic problems while its giving the Bayswater train station a Metronet upgrade; and, 

• Open audit and risk committee meetings to the public.

Those awaiting the budget process include:

• Formally renaming Carter’s Wetland, consulting with Aboriginal people to give it a Noongar name;

• Commissioning a report on how to encourage landowners to retain trees when developing; and,

• Appoint arts and finance officers, and create a new position to enforce anti-dumping and pollution laws in the Bayswater Industrial Estate.

A motion narrowly passed at the AGM for a “tree on every verge” policy was unanimously voted down after ex-councillor Alan Radford returned to the chamber to implore his former colleagues to steer well clear of the idea.

The city plants about 2000 verge trees a year, but people can opt out if they don’t want one on their block, and Mr Radford said his neighbours had made their view clear when asked.

“84.5 per cent of the people do not want a tree on their front verge,” he said. 

Another “we’ll see” item was resident Greg Smith’s call to ban wheel clamps in private carparks. The council voted to keep an eye on how Stirling progresses with its clamp ban attempt. 

• Carter’s Wetlands could be up for a new, Noongar name.

VINCENT council will soon look into seven motions passed at its January 28 AGM.

Former councillor Dudley Maier moved for the city to develop a long-term approach to underground power (similar to Subiaco’s model). 

He also wants a review of the council’s laneway naming policy to make it more “equitable”, as the first name thrown up by the applicant drives the consultation, rather than the community getting a blank slate.

Mr Maier also had a second stab at getting council workshops opened to the public.

Cleaver Precinct stalwart Marie Slyth moved for the internal section of the precinct to be deemed a “character retention area” to protect existing buildings and ensure new ones fit in.

Carr Street local Wally Fryer moved that the city cancel its plan to upgrade bike lanes on Florence and Carr Streets. 

The council sent out consultation letters on November 15 telling residents the bike lane would be upgraded, but the letter only had the good news and did not reveal the loss of 17 car parking bars along the street. To discover that, recipients would have had to type out a lengthy URL to get to the city’s consultation website and read to the bottom of the page. One resident told the Voice they didn’t respond to the consultation by the December 9 deadline because the letter made it sound like there were no downsides.

STIRLING councillors considered their electors’ motions at the February 11 council meeting (the minutes are still in the pipeline) and Perth council’s February 4 AGM had no motions from the 19 members of the public who came along (a big turnout for the capital council, which has previously had a single attendee).

Nedlands residents John Boxall, who lives in newly nabbed terrain for the City of Perth, said people were still getting $200 fines for parking in their own driveways, despite the issue being raised at the last AGM. An apologetic CEO Murray Jorgensen said he thought the issue had been resolved and promised to get back with an update. 


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