Rebel with a clause

THE trial of WA Extinction Rebellion coordinator Jesse Noakes for trespassing at The West Australian newspaper’s Osborne Park offices was adjourned last week in order for a magistrate to consider a verdict.

Mr Noakes is the first of the alleged trespassers to come to trial. He pleaded not guilty on the basis the West’s provocative October 8 front page offering the protestors a blank placard to fill in was an invitation to visit. 

• Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Jesse Noakes in a stand-off with police before his arrest at The West’s offices.

The trial saw Mr Noakes, who is representing himself, cross-examining West editor Anthony De Ceglie, who said the newspaper supported free speech, but only where it complied with the law.

The trial hasn’t stopped the group, who are planning a two-week vigil at Solidarity Park across the road from WA Parliament, with demands for the McGowan government to adopt an agenda guided by advice from the Conservation Council WA, 350 Perth and the WA Forest Alliance.

“We’ll even invite the MPs to join us, so that they can learn how to make better decisions,” Mr Noakes said.

His trial was adjourned to yesterday, February 14.


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