News Clips 22.2.20

• STIRLING could soon have its own Australia Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations after councillor Keith Sargent successfully moved for an officer’s report on council holding its own events. Aside from the Stirling citizenship ceremony and a few small events, the city does not hold or sponsor any events on Australia Day, or on New Year’s Eve. In recent years some Australian councils have stopped hosting Australia Day celebrations on January 26 because it was deemed offensive to Indigenous people, who often label it “Invasion Day”.

• THE speed limit on the Inglewood stretch of Beaufort Street is to be reduced to 40kmh between Central Avenue and Crawford Road for two years. The trial follows complaints to Stirling council over the years about pedestrian safety on the busy thoroughfare. Traffic volumes in local streets, and traffic delays will be monitored as part of the trial.

• STIRLING will look into having more electric vehicle charging stations in the city as part of its Community Energy Plan 2020-2030. Councillor Elizabeth Re wants charging stations at public libraries: “The city already has in place libraries in strategic locations throughout the municipal area, has ample onsite car parking, city staff on site, security cameras and flexible operational hours,” Cr Re said.

• MORE artwork could line the walls of Stirling council next year with a doubling of its $10,000 art acquisition budget being considered. “The city’s art collection represents a cultural and financial investment for the city,” noted officers. The collection includes art from the biennial acquisitive award and commissioned portraits of honorary freemen.

• A BUG collector, the developer of Fringe World and the state’s most active frog counter are amongst the recipients of the WA Citizens of the Year awards.Perth council’s top citizen was Marcus Canning. Now involved in The Rechabite in Northbridge, Mr Canning  developed the Fringe World Festival, Rooftop Movies and the Bakery live music venue. Bayswater’s citizen of the year went to Nestor Jongko, a leader in the Filipino-Australian community since 1985 and has been directing and fundraising for several charities. Vincent’s last awards were in 2014.

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