Recycling reprieve

THE McGowan government has stepped in to resolve a stalemate that threatened recycling in Vincent and Bayswater.

The two councils were amongst a number affected when Cleanaway’s recycling plant in South Guildford burnt down in November.

Although Cleanaway signed a short-term agreement with the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council, which agreed to take its recyclables until it could rebuild the plant, both were taking a financial hit.

The SMRC had to supercharge its 25,000-tonne facility to take the extra waste, while Cleanaway had to honour its contract rates with the councils despite the extra costs.

The deal fell apart on January 24.

The WA government has now agreed help the SMRC cover extra maintenance, leading to a new contract to accept 50,000 tonnes a year waste from Cleanaway to its Canning Vale plant.

Cleanaway is looking at existing waste sites to hand-sort any extra recyclables.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says: “Any recycling going to landfill is a major concern, but it is such a relief that Cleanaway and SMRC have been able to come to an agreement.

“This is a really sensible solution,” she said, thanking environment minister Stephen Dawson and the WA government for “bringing the parties together and helping to resolve the matter”.


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