Dark laughs

THE Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival is turning 22 this year and the line up of international short films keeps getting better, director Greg Coffey says.

The theme of this year’s festival is Scrambled! with 14 comedies delving into the pitfalls of relationships, including for the first time movies from Holland, South Africa and Brazil.

It’s ostensibly a comedy film festival, but this year’s shorts are anything but sweetness and light.

Mr Coffey’s favourite film Going Up is about a hit man who doesn’t like his job, but it’s a family business so he feels obliged to pitch in.

He finds himself sharing a painfully slow lift ride to his victim’s seventh floor apartment.

• A scene from the comedy short HeartBreakIns.

“A guy gets in who is a talker, and he just talks and talks,” Mr Coffey says.

Discovering the man is his intended victim, the assassin’s waning interest in the family business is revived and he is happy to carry out the hit.

“Because the man is so fricking annoying.”

But things don’t quite go to plan…

Queensland film HeartBreakIns is a comedy of errors as a cranky old man with dementia mistakes a burglar for a removalist and helps him load the truck with his worldly possessions.

“As the crook goes to leave he says, ‘I forgot to pay you’.”

But of course that’s not the punch line, and an argument escalates between the increasingly cranky old man and the burglar. 

The Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival is on at Backlot Perth, on Simpson Street, West Perth March 12 to 14. There are two showings daily. For the full program go to overthefence.com.au


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